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In life it’s good to have fun and with the technology all over it’s good to have something that can make you smile no matter where you are as long as you have your Android. The following are some of the best fun apps that you can use with your android. Pou – This is […]

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Why You Are Not Followed On Twitter?

When you use Twitter you need to make sure that the follower-to-following ratio is positive. This basically means that you want to always have many more followers than accounts that you are following. When a person sees that you have many followers, it is much easier to trust you. In the event that you do […]

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5 Tips for Getting Into the Restaurant Business With Little to No Experience

If you have a love for the culinary arts and the overall restaurant experience, chances are that the restaurant business would be perfect for you. There is a fast paced and frenetic energy in restaurants that can be incredibly exciting. And no matter if you want to manage a restaurant, work as a chef, or […]


5 Fast and Easy Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Internet Startup

So you started an online business -do you know how to market your business for success? Some businesses – even small businesses – spend a fortune on publicity. However, if you have a bootstrap budget, which most startups do, you have to get creative and a little resourceful. If you think about it, there a […]

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Best Practices for Digital Marketing to Win Over Global Market

  The digital industry is expanding and it is sure to affect what we watch, discuss, buy and even what we Like, who we friend and how we share, all through the year.  When it is about the best practices in the new year, let us stick close to the best of practices of the […]