How to guest post on a blog


Blogging has taken center stage lately and many people are elbowing their way into the spotlight of blogging platform, by either starting and running their own blogs or utilizing guest blog sites to publish their articles. While guest blogging can be a powerful advertising tool, most webmasters will only welcome you to guest post on their blog if they feel that your work blends well with their product niche and helps promote their brand.

Before you seek out guest blogging opportunities, there are a few things you will need to consider:-

Pave way for a relationship

Although most blog owners are likely to advertise guest blogging opportunities on their blog, it is advisable to   try to strike some sort of rapport through regularly visiting their blog, reading their posts as well as leaving comments on their blog posts. By so doing you will be paving way for you to become noticeable and stand out from the crowd, making you not a complete stranger when you request to guest post on their blog.

Familiarize yourself with the blog owner’s niche and style

You stand a better chance of having your guest post accepted and published on a guest blog site if it upholds the same standards as those of the blog owner and is also in line with their blogging style and niche. Do not expect a blog owner to allow you to ‘water down’ their blog with keyword stuffed articles without any relevance to what the blogger’s audience is interested in!

Stellar blogs strive for value

Be warned that not every blog owner runs a decent blog. Some might be solely for product promotion without any informative aspects attached. If you are looking to add value to a stellar blog, then be sure to find one that is in need of just that. Scanning the type of audience, the frequency with which the blog owner updates their blog, or responds to readers comments/suggestions can give you an insight on what kind of blogging experience to expect, should you decide to guest post on their blog. Choose wisely to avoid disappointment.

Finding blogging opportunities

The World Wide Web will generate hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions on where you can find blogging opportunities. However, not every opportunity is ideal for each Tom, Dick and Harry! Guest blogging opportunities like those available on Blogguests offer a great platform to anyone looking to guest post on a blog. Other guest blogging platforms include BlogSynergy, MyBlogGuest and Guestr just to name a few.

A blogging opportunity should be chosen wisely, considering your areas of interest and strength, the type of audience, the internet presence of the blog as well as your ability to bring value to the blog. Remember your guest post on a blog tells a whole lot about you and your brand, if any. Once you have landed a guest blogging opportunity, it is good manners to thank the blog owner and keep in touch afterwards!


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