How to use digital marketing to improve your Google local listing position


Google’s local listing has become very important to businesses recently, especially due to the introduction of Google listings. Improving your Google local listing position is detrimental to your businesses success in its local area. The importance of improving your local ranking is becoming forever more important especially now that Google configure the SERPS in accordance to where the user is situated.  This article will explain how you can improve your local ranking in a few simple steps:

Google plus

Google plus and Google places is the perfect way to try attain a high ranking position in Google.  Firstly, you should set up a Google plus account and register a company page. Within this company page you will be asked your business address and other local details. Through this you will be sent a pin from Google you can then register your business locally. Do ensure that your address is correct and the marker is directly above your company’s position.

Once you have successfully made a page, ensure that you manager it appropriately. You need to regularly update the page with relevant niche content. This will then signal to Google that you are an authority within the niche and they will rank you appropriately. On page SEO is still pivotal to a Google plus page as it lets them know what you specialise in.

Anchor text

When you want to rank locally you should target local keywords. For example “Hemel Hempstead plumbing”, if this is the keyword you desire then you should create content that has such a phrase embedded in. This phrase should be both on your onsite content and offsite content. This then takes you onto guest posting. In order to ensure that you rank locally you should carry out guest posting as this will enable you to target a particular anchor text. For more information on regards to guest posting you should look here.

Local directories

Local directories should be tracked down and contacted. Simply ask to insert your URL on their page. It is much more effective to find a local niche directory as oppose to one that is general as these can sometimes be determined as spam to Google. Therefore it is appropriate to check the content, the niche and the backlines to a given directory.


In order to help your business raises up the rankings you should both complete on site SEO and offsite SEO. Carrying out this tactic as well as managing a Google profile will help your chances of moving up the Google rankings and becoming a part of their local listings.  Do remember that in order to stay high in the rankings it is important to constantly manage your website and ensure that you are targeting the current keywords. For more information on how to raise your local profile you should use SEO consultants such as Goymedia who have provided internet marketing help for many years.