Mobile seo- Things to Keep in Mind

Do you remember those years before there was Google? Search engines like Alta vista, Open text & Excite that have died over time, did see the good days and then have faded or was an era when a new definition of digital economy was being nurtured. The same can be said for the mobile web of the present time, currently at it’s phase of evolution & just like those old days.. time is again repeating itself. Everyone is so unsure about which type of business models are going to make a fortune out of this new web world, even no one knows how these apps are going to change the current mobile experience in future..but one thing is for sure that search engine optimization will always be there to play a crucial role in mobile web marketing.
Just remember that this is a totally new medium for the users, the big companies & even for the search engines as well! So we are bound to make mistakes by applying the same old marketing tactics that we used to do for web marketing but that should not stop us from experimenting more. The search engines are just beginning to understand this mobile web, hence there is a lot of unpredictability about mobile search engine behavior & same old seo techniques may not bring a fruitful result, so all we can do now is to make a set of basic guidelines to give it an initial push.
1. Mobile users have a different requirement
2. Building sites for mobile users is different
3. Mobile search engines behave differently
So now let us discuss the following points to understand mobile web in a better way. As a mobile search engine optimizer you must take the ‘usability’ & ‘findability’ factors seriously. You must consider the fact while doing mobile seo that the mobile users are accessing the web using a small mobile keypad with a pointing device, probably whilst standing in an overcrowded bus or train which in fact makes them impatient! So ask it going to make it hard for you to do mobile seo? Yes!
1. You got to be good at it if you are doing seo for attracting mobile users, you must give them a good user experience or you lose the game. Your audience are seeing your site through a mobile browser, and this browsing experience can vary depending upon the type of devices they are using..for example some devices may offer a full screen view of your site while the others with split view, here the question arises that how much content of your site would be visible to them at once..
2. The users are accessing web by using their mobile because they are on the move.. this makes clear about their intention, perhaps they are looking for a nearby restaurant or train time table. There is a rear chance that a user would search on a mobile search engine to buy a pair of jeans.
3. Location & device type play a crucial role in mobile seo rather than just keywords. Like I said before most of the user’s query is location based and this behavior reflects in the search result as well(usually with a map at the top end) & sometimes search result based on the query categories, now this query based search result would definitely increase your site’s chance to be featured on the search result provided your sites content is ‘categorized’ properly.
4. Mobile search engines like google mobile , windows live use a feature called site transcoding to return a better search result to the queries entered by the users. If your web site doesn’t comply to the standards set by these engines, then these search engines will take your site contents and by using site transcoding technology they will represent your site to the users in a format & layout which the search engines think , will provide the best user experience depending upon the devices they are using to see your web site. However this transcoding actually returns poor user experience which will surely affect your marketing effort, so make sure that you use a “no transform” cache control in your web site template to avoid transcoding.
5. Content again, make your content easily accessible by using less frames,flash or javascript etc, always remember that your content is for the mobile audience, hence the content should get more importance than style and appearance of the site
6. Make sure that your mobile site conforms to the W3c mobile site standards

Mobile seo is completely a new idea and demands a lot of experiments. The number of smart mobile users around the globe has already exceeded 100 crore milestone which only shows us that how mobiles are going to change the future of web marketing.
Daniel is an experienced internet marketer & currently working for infosolz Consultancy pvt ltd, an web development company in kolkata offering mobile site design & development services, mobile app development etc.

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